ZEN MANDALA was born out of the realization that people have immense capability with in, that needs to be harnessed for the greater good of self and the world.

MANDALA Professional Training L.L.C is a KHDA accredited enterprise that believes in bringing in the best of educational support in training and allied services to the GCC that will ensure above objective is met.

The actualization of the dreams of students, based on their talents and capabilities, ably supported by the teachers, educators and parents as the MENTOR is the concept we build on.

At the centre of the cog is the child, the future of this planet.We need to teach them, more importantly, we need to learn from them. The child and the child in you is the symbol of creativity.

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ZEN is a beautiful journey of discovery, like that of the flowering of mandala, the desert lotus.

You blossom with-in to know who you are and then, discover the world knowing you are unique and that your world view too would be unique.

We aid this discovery in children for the rainbow moment. Same colors, but different hues, unique to each.

We have partnered the US based CMP academy for the mentorship program for those aspiring for admissions to Ivy League and other top universities in the USA and the UK.

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